Costelloe & Associates Inc. provides the following services:

W H Costelloe, Organizational/Industrial Psychologist, Metairie/New Orleans, LA
Career Counseling Concepts
Structured programs based upon career interest and personality testing, along with counseling sessions which assist our clients in choosing appropriate college majors or career paths.
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Employee Selection
Implementing validated online E.E.O.C. compliant selection systems which enable our clients both to select entry-level employees who will work more productively and to avoid hiring applicants who will work less productively.
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Sales Personnel Selection
In collaboration with our clients, we put in place custom-tailored selection systems for hiring highly productive top-performing sales representatives.
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Executive Selection
Our firm works with our clients to design assessment systems which enable them to select executives with the necessary competencies to excel in key leadership positions.
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Executive Consulting
We assist our clients in setting, monitoring, and achieving both business and personal goals through our leadership and personal development coaching programs.
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Employee Opinion Surveys
We work with you to determine the best surveys to provide you with the feedback you need to strenghten your organization.
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Industrial & Organizational Psychologists and Management Consultants